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Dan Edwards, K-Star V Phil Burke

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on November 27, 2012 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have just added a video of Dan Edwards fight against Phil Burke to my website

Dan is one of our new up and coming Champions who looks set to become very famous within the Muay Thai comunity.

You can watch the video of Dan Edwards, K-Star V Phill Burke by clicking the link.

This fight was at the leeds town hall earlier in the year.

Dan has a couple of tough fights lined up. First he is fighting Charlie Gallespie from Team Tieu in London this Sunday.

He is then fighting John-Paul Donoghue from Semtex at the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham on Sunday 24th february. This is going to be a very tough fight for Dan, But I am sure that he will train very hard for it. More details about that show can be found on our Next event page.

Current K-Star Muay Thai Fighters

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on November 27, 2012 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (1)

I(Steve Logan) have been trying to keep my own personal blog upto date. One of the things that I am trying to do is keep everyoe informed about the new up and coming fighters at K-Star.

K-Star has constantly produced great students, I always say that the best way to judge how good an instructor is, is to look at his students. Many of my older students like Damien Trainor, dave and carl Copestake, Issy Duru, Henry Cleminson, Kaish Banger, Yogendra Parekh, Richard Hart, Pete Adams, Muri Balagon, Steve Rathbone, Nathan bendon, Gav the man, Jason Richards, etc are very well known and I think that they sometimes undermine how good the new genneration of fighters are.

So I have created a section on my own website called Current K-Star fighters. So if you are interested in finding out about Muay Thai fighters in Birmingham, check out the page.

Join our mailing list for upcoming seminars

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on May 7, 2012 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

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Dave Copestake v Brad Stanton headlines the latest K-Star show

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on November 5, 2011 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (1)

K-Star's biggest show of the year takes place at the Tower Ballroom, Birmingham on Sat 26th November 2011.

With 3 weeks to go I still have a few fights not 100% matched but see below the current confirmed fights.

1,Brad Stanton Kiat,66kg,Dave Copestake K-Star

2, Andy Hughes, Spartan. 55kg, Adrian Maguire, K-Star

3, Stuart Davies, Banbury 72kg Nathan Epps, K-Star

4, Liam Fox, East Area 65kg Zak Garbett, Fearless

5, Alex Wilson, Borai 90kg Hereford,Tom Booth

6, Luke Smith,Reaper 54kg K-Star,Luke Davies

7, Kristian Bainbridge,Wicker Camp 74kg Scott Court, Thaitans

8, Nasser Soud Al-Farhan.Martin Carter 76kg Rob Carter, Wicker Camp

9, jame Mcilroy, Murithai Fitness 80-2kg *Andrew Goodrick, Wicker Camp

10. Bart Zilla, Ely Warlords 110kg James Locke,Benfleet

11, Tony Delaney, Evolution 69kg Ian Watkins, East Area

12, Nathan fisher, Swindon 74kg Kurtis, Ely Warlords

13, Jamie Woodward, Wicker Camp 64kg luke Portainer, Diablo

14, Adam Morgan, Firewalker 70kg Aurimas Saulis,K-Star

15, Lewis Exley, Banbury 69kg Aidas Saulis, K-Star

16, Dan Tchupan, Borai 61kg Gurtake Swali, Reaper

Standard Tickets are just £25 and includes a seat! Vip tables are just £300 for 10 including waitree service, VIP tables are almost all sold out now.

The Tower Ballroom is the best venue in the Midlands, no pillars blocking your view etc, seating for everyone, free car parking etc etc

For Tickets please call 0121 331 4074 or 0121 622 5078 or see any fighter on the bill.

Muay Thai In Birmingham  or Thai Boxing in Birmingham


Fight List for Tower 24th Sept

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on September 11, 2011 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (1)

 I have been a bit busy lately, so I haven't had time to keep everyone uptodate with the fight list for 24th Sept.

So here it is as it stood on 9th Sept, a few changes will be made and I will update them asap.

1 Terry Ferrigan, NextGen MMA,  Vs 62kg 8 Limbs, Radoslaw staszak

2 Ryan Cafane, KO South, 83kg  VsMFA, Phil Hanna

3 A. Stevens, 5 Elements MA,  VS 78kg K-Star, Nigel Edwards

4 Marc Williams, F's Gym, 65kg Vs Ely Warlords, Sam White


5 Jonathan Dixon, KO South, 62kg Vs Thaitans, Noill Durkin

6 Jack Battershell, Shinkick ,61kg Vs Ely Warlords, Chris Churcher

7 Macauley, Pindi's ,57kg Vs K-Star, Dillon Elsmore

8 Brian Perry, Pindi's, 62kg Vs Diablo, luke Portainer

9 Ryan nandha, Eagles- Team Thai, 57kg  Vs K-Star, Shayan Mohammed

10 Adam Naismith, KO South ,70kg Vs Stoke MT, Steve Jones

11 Chris Durham, MFA, 78kg Vs K-Star, Steve Allen

12 Cathal McDermontt, Shinkick, 59kg  Vs fearless, Cheya Salemm

13 Tony Reece, KO Bill, 83kg  Vs K-Star, Mark Timms

14 Max Skidmore, Chao Phraya ,68kg  Vs fearless, Luke Greenshields

15 Glyn Kevan, NextGen MMA, 68kg  Vs K-Star, Nathan Epps

16 Mark Perrins Pindi's 66kg Vs  fearless, Zak Garbett

17 Ali Maconie Shinkick 54kg  Vs K-Star, Adrian Maguire

A Busy Time for K-Star fighters!

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on September 7, 2011 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Its a very busy few months for the fighters at my K-Star Thai Boxing academy in Birmingham.

This Sunday (11th Sept) Carl Copestake fights for the ISKA Commonwealth Title in Glasgow against unbeaten local fighter Jordan Calder. (Also Dan Edwards is fighting at Lumpini Stadium in Thailand)

On Sat 17th Sept its the turn of our MMA fighters when the UK MMA Leauge takes place at our Perry Barr gym, fighters from around the country will be competing.

Then we have our own show at the excellent Tower Ballroom in Birmingham on Saturday 24th Sept. During the day Pete Spensley is holding his excellent Celtic Challenge, so K-Star have 6 or 7 Junior fighters competing during the day and 8 fighters on the evening show! A very busy day!

On 9th Oct Pete Rai fights in a 4 man tournament in Telford.

On 22nd Oct Brad Coley fights for a Junior English title in Rochdale, On the same show we also have Ravi Rawji fighting Thai and Adam Knight having his first semi Pro MMA fight.

5th November, Carl Copestake is back in Glasgow, fighting in an 8 man tournament with £3000 prize money. A tough night ahead for him.

26th November sees us back at the Tower for another great show.

Then in December Damien Trainor flys out to Thailand where he is hoping to fight on the Kings birthday show.

I am sure that a few other events will come along to keep us even more busy.

This has been another really successful year for K-Star, this November/December is the 10th aniversary of our City centre academy.

2 New Champions at K-Star

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on August 28, 2011 at 4:30 AM Comments comments (0)


K-Star's Carl Copestake and Adrian Maguire both won their respective weight categories at the Ringmasters Tournament in Kent. This is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country and attracts the best fighters from around the country.

Carl Copestake had 3 fights in the day to win the final against Luke Ried from Warriors gym in Kent. This is another title for Carl who already holds 2 british titles!

Adrian has been unlucky lately and has had 3 opponents pull out against him recently, so entered the tournament to be sure of getting a fight, but it happened again! 4 fighters pulled out on the day! So Adrian was straight into the final against the very strong Affan Khan from the Minatours gym in North London. This was a very exciting fight with both fighters show boating. Adrian was very excited to win as this was his first title.

Four other fighters from K-Star (Pete Rai, James Dore, Tops and Nathan Epps) also fought and all got to the semi Finals.

K-Star owner Steve Logan Said 'I was very pleased with all the lads, they did great, they had some tough fights and the only losses we had were in the semi finals, it was a great experience, we will definitely be entering next year.

Both Champions have a few fights lined up over the next few months. Carl fights in Glasgow on 11th Sept when he takes on the very talented Jordan Calder. This will be a tough challenge for Carl as Jordan is a strong up and coming fighter, tipped for the top.

Carl then returns to Glasgow on 5th November, this time in an 8 man tournament, this will be tough as the winner gets £3,000 !!

Adrian fights in front of his home crowd at the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham on Sat 24th Sept against Allie McConie from Shinkick gym. Adrian has a lot to prove in this fight as he has lost to 2 other fighters from Shinkick in the past, so he wants a win this time!

Then on 15th Oct Adrian fights Andy Hughes from Spartan in Rochdale. Andy is heavier than Adrian, so this fight will be at 57kg, so another tough fight for Adrian.

To finish off the Year Adrian is back at the Tower on 26th Nov against Jason Mummery, from Mungkorn Dam in Kent. This a rematch, Adrian won the first fight via a second round stoppage with a body kick, so Adrian is hoping for a repeat this time too!!

Anyone wanting to learn Thai Boxing at either K-Star Thai Boxing Academy can have a Free 1-2-1 lesson, please Call Perry Barr 0121 331 4074 or City Centre 0121 622 5078 or visit

K-Star 6 go for titles

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on August 23, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1)

This Saturday 6 Thai Boxers from Sutton Coldfield, Great Barr and Kingstanding are all hoping to become champions! The fighters who all train at K-Star Thai Boxing academy in Perry Barr are all entering the Ringmasters tournament. The Ringmasters allow fighters from all martial arts to enter, so they could be fighting Thai Boxers, Kickboxers or Kung Fu fighters!

Repesenting K-Star will be Adrian Maguire, Carl Copestake, Tops, Nathan Epps, James Dore and Pete Rai.

The fights take place in Sittingbourne in Kent.

As it is a tournament, if successfull they will be fighting 3 or 4 times in one day!



If anyone would like to learn more about Thai Boxing please call K-Star Thai Boxing academy 0121 331 4074  (Perry Barr-) 0121 622 5078  (City Centre) or go online at

Nathan Epps - Our newest staff member

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on August 10, 2011 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Introducing our newest staff member Nathan Epps. 21 year old Nathan a former pupil at Bishop Walsh School in Sutton Coldfield has landed himself his dream job as a trainee Thai Boxing instructor at K-Star Thai Boxing academy. Midland Area champion.

Nathan from Sutton Coldfield has been training at K-Star Thai Boxing academy in Perry Barr for around 4 years, he originally started just to get fit and learn a bit of self defence, but as his confidence grew, he decided to challenge himself in competition. He has been very successful and Nathan is now the current Midland Area Champion.

Nathan has just finished college where he gained his fitness Instructor and Personal trainer qualifications.

Nathan will be passing on his skills to students at both of K-Star’s fulltime academies at Perry Barr and Birmingham City centre.

Nathan said ‘ I am really excited about this, it really is a dream come true. I hope that I will be able to pass on my knowledge to others, both from my fight experience and all the things that I have learnt at college’.

As well as teaching at K-Star, Nathan will also be continuing his fight career, his next fight is at the Tower Ballroom in Edgbaston on Saturday 24th September.

If anyone would like to learn more about Thai Boxing please call K-Star Thai Boxing academy 0121 331 4074 (Perry Barr-) 0121 622 5078 (City Centre) or go online at

Mark Timms wins Poll

Posted by kstarthaiboxing on August 3, 2011 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Congratulations to K-Star fighter Mark Timms from K-Star City, who won the

poll to see which K-Star fighter our members thought was in the most

exciting fight at the last Tower ballroom show.

Mark's fight (which was only his third!) was voted the most exciting fight

featuring a K-Star Fighter, so well done.

In second place was 15 yr. old Dillon Elsmore and James Dore who was having

his first fight came in third, so the new guys are making a big impression!

Mark will be fighting on the next show at the Tower on Sat 24th Sept. Mark

is also on our CIT (Certified Instructor Training) programme, so you may

also see him helping out on the classes. Muay Thai Birmingham