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MMA Birmingham


MMA Birmingham

Hey have you ever wanted to know how to choke someone out, like they do on UFC??

Well here at K-Star we are starting a 5 week introduction to MMA and cage fighting. 

On the course you will learn how to

*Choke someone out in less that 20 seconds.

*How to avoid getting down to the floor by an attacker.

*If you do get taken down, how to get them off you and get back to your feet

*Arm Bars


*How to  Ground and Pound your opponent into submission.

Plus lots more.

You will also get fitter, stronger and learn some amazing martial arts.

We have made a quick video above so you can see all the great MMA Facilities that we have at K-Star

Take a look.

On the right hand side of the page, you will see an opt in box to get on the early bird mailing list, so that you will be first to know all the details about when the 6 week course will be starting, so please opt into the mailing list. >=> => => =>

A new 5 week introduction to MMA course will start every 5 weeks 

 At our NEW K-Star City center branch, 104 Bromsgrove St, (B5 6QB). .

The course will be every SATURDAY at 10Am for 5 weeks and the 

cost is just £35 for the whole 5 weeks, no joining fees etc.

We have limited places and as the cost is so low these places will 

go very quickly, so waste time, book now!

 Please call 0121 331 4074 to find out when the next course starts.

Click the BUY NOW button below to book your place and start your journey towards MMA Mastery.