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ARE you over 35, would love to do Thai boxing, but don’t want to train with 20 year old nutters??

Do you love training, but hate trying to get your leg up for a head kick?

Would you love to be able to whack the pads and get a good sweat on without risking getting silly injuries from sparring?

Well sit down, grab a cuppa  and have a read of this......

I am starting a special class for people who are over 35 years old.

 Why? Well let me tell you my story.  

I have been doing Muay 

Thai for about 25 years and 

martial arts for years before that. But I am now 51 years old and as 

much as I would like to, I can’t quite keep up with the young lads in 

my gym anymore. I seem to get more silly little injuries and even 

though I know what to do and when to do it, my body just isn’t 

responding as quickly as it should!!!

So what should I do? I WANT to train, but it’s just not the same and 

it’s really annoying when someone 20 years younger, who I know, if 

we were the same age, wouldn’t have much chance against me is 

taking the piss!! Should i just give up and quit or should I adjust my 

training to suit what my body can do NOW??

Well I don’t consider myself a quitter, but there comes a day when 

you just have to slow down. So the only option is to adapt my 


That’s when I started thinking, there must be loads of guys just like 

me that still WANT to train, but the regular classes, just don’t suit 


I have had my Perry Barr academy for 20 years and before that I was 

in the 610 Community Centre in Kingstanding. So lads that were 20 

years old 20 years ago are now 40! Some of these guys would 

probably love to train, go on the bags and hit the pads, practice a bit 

of blocking and countering. Practice a bit of self defence and get 

back in shape. We all know that going on the treadmill at the gym is 

good for you, but how boring is that???

How alive would you feel if you could go along to the gym and whack 

the pads again with a group of like minded people of a similar age to 


No high kicks, no complicated moves or Ram Muays etc, no sparring 

with 20 year old nutters.

Pad work focusing on all the bread and butter stuff that you might 

need in a street fight, boxing, low kicks and knees and elbows. 

Banging away on the pads with people of your own age.

You will also probably see a few old faces from back in the day.

I messaged a few old students on  facebook and via  text and the 

response has been  good.

So I thought I would try out a 5 week course, once per week, for people aged 35 and over.,

This will be a trial to see how it works out, so if everyone likes it we can do it again or start a regular class.

The course will be 11am on Sunday Mornings at our Perry Barr 

academy for 5 weeks . The cost of the course will be JUST £35 FOR 


Plus as a SPECIAL BONUS , you can also come along and use our 

fully kitted weights room, 7 days a week, for the WHOLE  5 WEEKS! 

That has got to be worth over £35 on its own!  You would have to be 

crazy not to take advantage of this!

To get started couldn’t easier. 

Simply click the BUY NOW BUTTON below.

I look forward to seeing you at K-Star very soon.