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Ian has lost OVER 3 STONE in 5 months at K-Star!

In the before picture on takenChristmas day, Ian weighs just over 16 stones. Ian joined K-Star at our Sheldon academy on 14th January weighing 16 stone 4 lbs (104kg).

In the after picture taken on 19th May, Ian weighs just 13 stone 1lb (83kg)!!

It?s an amazing accomplishment and Ian is not finished yet, he has a new goal of weighing 11stone (70kg)!

Call one of our academies or fill in the form on the right to see if K-Star can do the same for YOU!

Perry Barr 0121 331 4074, Sheldon / Solihull 0121 722 3988, Quinton 0121 421 2941, City Center 0121 622 5078


Jamie Chambers
It is almost 15 years since I first nervously walked into  K-Star with the modest aspiration of getting a little fitter, and the vague concept of learning how to ?look after myself? ? whatever I thought that might actually mean back then.
Despite my trepidation at walking into the lions den I was greeted by an amiable, unassuming chap, with a mullet hair cut; and the journey began.
I never had the intention of fighting; and when I started I was completely and utterly useless. I had not an ounce of natural ability, and my coordination and balance was so bad I struggled with even the most basic techniques.
In those early days I often sat in the car outside the gym, not wanting to be there before a hard session; but I still forced myself to walk in. It was these small victories, where the only opponent I fought was myself, which I believe brought me the most benefit.
As a wiser man than me once said, ?If you can stand the heat of the forge, you can mould yourself into anything you want?.
Fortunately perseverance really does pay off. I trained whenever I could, listened to what I was told, tried to emulate what I saw and practiced what was preached.
Slowly things improved. I went from being merely target practice for those more talented in sparring, to eventually holding my own with the fighters I watch ed compete in the ring. Knowing I could, on a good day, hold my own, gave me the confidence to get into the ring myself.
There is something elemental, and fundamental about combat; something refreshingly honest about physical confrontation and competition. It is something mankind has done since the dawn of time; and Muay Thai itself is an art steeped in history and yet it is still changing and developing and does not hang on to outdated methods or dogma. Coupled with a spectacular cross section of society, without racial bounds or cultural barriers; it is hard to imagine how better I could have spent my time.
I have traded leather with some of the finest Thai boxers to come out of K-Star, and I have also trained at many other gyms around the country, of various martial disciplines. The Thai I learnt under Steve Logan has always stood me in good stead wherever I have trained over the years.
I have fought in front of hundreds cheering me on, and in front of a hostile crowd hoping I get knocked out. My fighting ?career? was short and un-illustrious, but the benefit of competing, and the memory of doing so, will far outlast the trophies collected.
However, it is the small victories, the private little battles that have been fought only against myself, and in my own head that mean the most; having forced myself to take the first step into an alien and scary environment; making myself train when it was so much easier not to; having sparred with bigger and better; having taken knocks, and given knocks; having been scared and intimidated, but still having got through it and come out the other side stronger and wiser.
These days I am still a member, though I do not show my face as often as I should. I am a good 20 kilos heavier than my previous svelte (half starved!) fighting weight - due to a combination of weight training, kebabs and beer. However, my Muay Thai still remains an essential ingredient of who I am, and what I do. I believe that it always will. The confidence I am now able to carry is borne out of what I have done, and where I have been.
I look back to the nervous and shy person that first walked into K-Star all those years ago; and I do not recognize him. The confidence and self assurance I have gained is priceless, and well worth the modest price of blood, sweat and tears over the years.  
It is not an overstatement to say that K-Star, and Steve Logan specifically, have in many ways made me the man I am today; for which I am immensely grateful.

Best regards


Pete Rai

I originally joined K star for the ease of premises and training times,I first thought I need to get fit, and lose some poundage. As the months went on, I found myself improving in fitness,  The K Star academy had then mentally prepared me to quit smoking, Which I did without any assistance from from patches and gums or hypno. I found that I upt my training to allow me to de - stress from the none smoking cravings.
Smashing the pads and bags left me in calm mood. I have been a non smoker for 17months and 10days!

I must say Damien has been a great help, He has always pushed and guided me to a level where I am now. The regular lads that train in our classes also assist in exceeding to another level.

I am now at a point where Inter club Sparring does not frighten me, I feel full of confidence and full of self esteem.

My next level is now an AKA, and for several of us will be a challenging time, We as a group have pushed each other and have also upt our training regimes, thanks to the Push from the Coaching team at K - Star.

This AKA is/will be my first.. Personally I think it will be great fun.. Win or lose, And I keep saying that to the other lads, Dan, Andy, Craig, Del, Rad, Rich  - some of who are a little nervous, can just see it in there eyes..... Take no offence boys :-)

Originally enrolled in March 2007,  - 107kg - 19months on, I am fitter and toned and weigh 93kgs. My goal will be to get down to 89-85kg, with the assistance of K - Star training programs.

Once again thank you, Steve and Damien, and the punch bags :-)


Kind Regards

Pete Rai

Logistics Project Planner


Kassim Mawji 

I joined kstar a year ago this january and it was 1 of my best decisions ever. My job is in retail work and sumtimes customers can really wind u up with that 'customer is always right' attitude. I would come home after a tuff day really uptight and annoyed, and it wasnt fair on my wife who would see my crappy mood all evening. I wanted to change but needed sumthing that would allow me to channel my aggression! a mate told me about thai boxing...ok y not i thought. so i had an introductory session with chris. From that point on, i knew this is wat i wanted to do.
Now il finish a crappy day at work but instead of going home all wound up, i can go to kstar and release all that aggression in a controlled environment. Even my wife has noticed a difference in me!! im much more calmer wen im home after burning all those calories and either bashing a bag or sum unfortunate classmate!! As the months have gone by i have seen my performance in sparring improve hugely and my confidence has skyrocketed, and my new aim is to get into an interclub asap so i have sumthing to work toward.
Another trigger that made me join up was that about 18months ago, there was an incident outside my shop where i had a confrontation with sum idiot who just wanted a fight. Honestly speaking....i shitted it and backed away, probably the sensible thing to do but wat if i had sum of my family around me? U hav to know how to defend urself and family right? Although i wud never instigate a fight with any1, i know that if the situation arose i wud know how to defend myself and family.
Every1 at kstar is wicked...Steve, Damien and my new instructor Mubz. great teaching methods. Going for my blue band soon but im gonna stick it out til red band for sure!! A big thanks to all at kstar!!

Michelle Rogers 

Ok, here goes. 
What most people at the gym don't know is that I've been there for nearly 20 years now (so that means I'm either insane or love Thai - you guys decide).

I don't care what anyone says, it's hard for a girl to get into this sport, you always feel a little out of place (and even now I still have times like  that).  But saying that, I consider myself lucky, I started out with a great bunch of guys who for one reason or another are no longer training (the fact we are now old feckers doesn't help) - but didn't give a rats ass that I was
a girl and treated me as one of the guys and that made a big difference.

Over the years it's given me a place to escape to when things get crap, I've made some brilliant mates and been the butt of many a joke (but always in a good way). It's definitely helped my confidence - how can it not when you're stuck in front of 20 or 30 lads and you're teaching them - they might not all have liked it but they learnt to respect the fact that I knew more than
they did.  And now to see some of my own students teaching others and fighting it makes you realise somewhere along the line you helped them.

Steve, K-Star has changed a lot over the years - not all good, but that's progress.  Where else could a shy girl like myself (stop laughing!!) achieve what I have - ok I don't fight, I've not won a title - but I've trained and help teach some of the best fighters to come out K-Star and had the stuffing kicked out of me at the same time, but all done with a laugh!  What

Paul Clarke 

Yes I think confidence and self esteem are definitely high on the list of benefits.

Also for me I wanted to get back to a reasonable standard of fitness and build up my stamina levels back to something I'm happy with which I'm starting to do.

Having done Thai Boxing many years ago at another gym but then having to give that up due to injuries etc it's been hard getting back into it at age 39 but it's also been mentally very rewarding to.

I was quite choosy where I wanted to train but found the guys at Sutton gym very easy going and great to get on with both pupils and trainers.

I've only really trained with Henry and Scott and for the most part mainly Scott and I've got to say they are both a real credit to your club.

They are both great guys to get on with they make everyone feel comfortable and are clearly very knowledgeable in the sport but they are also very patient with everyone from what I have seen but also know how to push people hard enough to get the best out of them.

Scott's an especially nice guy as far as a trainer goes and really helpful with people when they are struggling to grasp things and I would definitely recommend other friends to train at your academy infact I already have so fingers crossed some of them may come along. 

All the best
Paul Clarke

Lee Spears 

What I get from K-Star - I enjoy learning the Thai Boxing techniques the most! It kind of makes me feel more sure about myself when out.
Lee (Sutton)

Guy Roberts - Perry Barr

I am no longer a member, but hope to be back soon. I had to postpone  training due to workload as I set up my own business and it has taken most of my time. I hope to be back before christmas!

Training gave me more than confidence and fitness, it gave me a really good sense of well being. I felt good about my fitness and physique and gave me a good sense of focus and aletness. I have trained in Aikido, Karate and Sport Kickboxing but nothing could compare to Muay Thai and the style of training. I want to bring my 6 year old son to  train too.

Great club!


Issy Duru - Perry Barr

Hi Steve  I must say for me I gained confidence, toned up significantly, got myself into the best shape of my life and gained some really good friends along the way.

I always got a buzz from training and being in a gym of like minded people who wanted to train and push themselves as hard as they can really rubbed off on me to train as hard as I can and thus compete.

The key thing is that training at K-Star has set key life behaviours for me even though I have not been at the gym for the past 9 years, because no matter how stressful and busy my job has become I will always make time to train at my local gym, which also has a punch bag and as a result have continued to keep fit long after competing in the ring has stopped. Training has become a way of life for me and an integral part of my day.

Regards Issy

Joe Salmon - Perry Barr

Over the past 10 years, I have done lots of different types of training. From boxing to weight training - kickboxin to circuits - swimming to legs bums and tums. (I've tried almost everything)

Kstar provides me personally, with the greatest overall physical and mental challenge I have ever taken part in.

I have been doin Muay Thai for 2years now and every single class provides me with a new goal and challenge.

The recent introduction of circuits and MMA classes are a bonus.

Damien inpartucular has been an inspiration to me - however all the instructors have great knowledge and attention to detail when giving instruction.

I have just started attending the Championship classes which are a totally different level and I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about improving stamina or fitness, changing their body shape, self defence or improving their sparring in a safe friendly enviroment.

Steve you and your team do a great job, keep up the good work.




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