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White Collar Boxing comes to K-Star Birmingham City Centre.

White collar boxing is a great way to get in shape and have great fun, Birmingham's number 1 Thai Boxing academy will now be offering Boxing training too!

Over the years we have had thousands of people train at our Thai Boxing academies and over the years as the members get older and less flexible, a lot of them have felt that they were not as comfortable with the kicking as they once were. 

We always have our Thai Boxers who want to improve their 'hands’ we have always resisted including boxing as part of our curriculum as we wanted to focus on our Muay Thai and leave the boxing to the boxing gyms, but with a few boxing gyms also offering Muay Thai we felt now was the right time to repay the compliment and offer boxing too.

As with everything that we do at K-Star we want to make our White Collar boxing program the best that we can. We will have great coaches to go along with our great facilities and equipment.

The white Collar Boxing program will be open to all our members and non-members and they will also be able to use our fully fitted Functional Fitness training suite, Fitness classes, plus if they wish our Muay Thai Classes.

We will be launching the program as soon as the gym is fully fitted and open. We predict that this will be a very popular class and that we will have to limit the amount of people that we allow onto the program. So we will be limiting the amount of people that we invite into the program. So if you are interested in giving White Collar Boxing in Birmingham City Centre a try, please enter you email into the box below and we will send you the details, plus some great Free Videos.

Classes are every Saturday 12.45pm at K-Star Combat Arena, 104 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham, B5 6QB and cost just £5 per class!! Call 0121 622 5078 for more details


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