Thai boxing for beginners

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Beginner’s Thai Boxing is the entry-level class in our Muay Thai system and teaches the basics of movement, footwork, attack, defense, and striking skills. This is suitable for any ages or fitness levels, you are never too late or unfit to start!

Beginners Classes will invlove pad work and light contact drills with your partner. All K-Star Thai Boxing Academies use a grading system which means everybody progresses at their own pace and are always training with people of a similar ability. Muay Thai is a fantastic way to get fit whilst learning!


Thai Boxing is one of the most effective self-defence systems, combining the use of punching, elbow, knee and kicking strikes as well as clinch moves.

Get fit

Muay Thai is a fantastic way to get fitter and lose weight. Don’t get bored on the treadmill or exercise bike, learn a new skill, have fun and get fit!

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Frequently asked questions

Am I too unfit to train?
Not at all. Our beginner classes are structured for people of all fitness levels which allow you to go at your own pace.
How long is a class?
It depends on which class it is, but our classes are either 45 minutes or 1 hour duration.
What times are the classes?
We run several beginner’s Thai Boxing classes during the week and at weekends. Please contact your local K-Star Academy to check the latest timetable.
Is it just for men?
Thai Boxing training can be for all ages and sexes. Some people train for self-defence or to get fit, whilst some go on to compete in the ring. K-Star has quite a few female class members at all levels.
Do I have to spar or fight?
We only move onto sparring when a student has more experience. Sparring is always optional and some people just enjoy the pad work and drills. Only those that wish to, go on to compete and fight competitively.

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