Childrens Thai Boxing Classes

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Thai Boxing classes for kids can help develop many valuable life skills as well as offering an enjoyable way to keep them fit and healthy. Our Junior classes are available for children as young as 6 years old and are separated by age group and experience.

Our students are accessed over time and progress through our grading system only when they are ready. Kids classes cater to both boys and girls with our qualified instructors. Our Thai Boxing students build confidence and ability in a safe, friendly environment whilst having fun!

Build confidence

Learning any new skill such as a Thai Boxing can help improve confidence in children. It also allows them to build respect for others around them

Make new friends

K-Star is an ideal place for kids to meet new people and make new friends. Everyone is treated equally and training is always fun and enjoyable.

Frequently asked questions

What age can kids train Muay Thai?

We teach children from as young as 5 years old through to teenagers. Our classes are split out by age and ability so your child will always be in the correct group.

How long is a class?
It depends on which class it is, but our classes are either 45 minutes or 1 hour duration.
What times are the classes?

Our children’s Thai Boxing classes are run after school and at weekends. Please contact your local K-Star Academy to check the times for your child’s age group.

Can my child get hurt?

Although Thai Boxing is a contact sport, children’s classes are mainly taught on pads or with very light (no head) contact. Our environment is as safe as possible as we have been instructing for over 20 years.

Do you offer family memberships?

We do offer family memberships for either several chilren or adults and chilren. Speak to your local K-Star Academy for more details.

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